War On Sound

A Novel by Christopher Harris

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Scott - Bass

What do you get when you put a great guitar player on bass? The kind of killer rhythm that makes Kid Centrifuge such a powerhouse. A songwriter and a showman, Scott is part of the backbone that keeps KC locked in and running straight at you.

This Boston boy now calls Gotham home, but he's still got that Beantown intensity. “You wanna know who pushes us?” says drummer Kate. “You wanna know who's driving the van at 4 a.m.? Scott's the one!”

He's strong, he can be tough, he keeps the band on point…but Scott is a softy when it comes to the things that matter. He's kind to the fans, he loves animals, and he's romantic with his adoring girlfriend. One thing's for sure: when the beat gets big and the toes start tapping, you can bet Scott is at the center of the show.

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