War On Sound

A Novel by Christopher Harris




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Video 1

Chris Harris describes his inspiration for writing War On Sound, including another novel's influence and being an old fart musically. (1:52)

Video 2

Chris Harris talks about researching for War On Sound: frantically typing notes during shows and playing cards on a tour bus. (3:19)

Video 3

Chris Harris discusses how being a literary fiction writer is like being a rock musician, and why he can sometimes be a good ventriloquist. (2:50)

Video 4

Chris Harris talks about what it's like to no longer have one's music tastes be catered to at the center of a culture, and why he pisses in the wind. (4:19)

Video 5

Chris Harris discusses literary ambition and his lack thereof, dodges the question, and tries to define what a "Great American Novel" really means anymore. (2:45)

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